Friday, May 29, 2009

Reasons to vote for some candidates

In Jyllandsposten today, I read a funny article that inspired me for the following post. There are some candidates that you may want to vote for if you have some particular or special interests.

If you really find it important that candidates just show up to the European Parliament to get their allowances, but not participate in the meetings, you may consider voting for the Social Democrat Mr. Ole Christensen who has been notable for a two-minute sign-an-allowance-form meeting.
The influence of lobby groups in Brussels is an often-mentioned feature of EP politics; lobby groups tend to approach MEP's to promote their own special interests by offering tempting and lavish gifts. If you want to vote for someone who will be firm like a rock against such temptations, you may consider voting for Mr. Bendt Bendtsen, who has never fallen for such cheap tricks as politician in Denmark.
Mr. Bendt Bendtsen has during the campaign mentioned time and time again that he is against Turkish membership of the EU. But other candidates are focusing much more on this, and hardly talk about anything else, for instance Karsten Skawbo and Morten Køpke Christensen from the Conservatives. So if you are really nervous that Denmark in 30 years time will be overrun by fez-wearing Turks in big moustaches, then you can safely vote for any of these guys.

There are of course other candidates who are focused on single-issues, so that you can be sure they will work on nothing else in the European Parliament. Mr. Fathi El Abed from SF has hardly talked about any other issue than the Arab-Israeli conflict. So, if you don't care about consumer-rights, CO2 quotas, agricultural policy or your rights as a patient, but really want peace in the Middle East, then you can vote for Mr. El Abed, who will surely manage to reconcile Israelis and Palestineans if he gets elected.

As Denmark is the most important country of the EU (others may not know it, but here in Denmark we do), you may want to consider some of the many Danish candidates who will be going to Brussels to defend Denmark. Here, Mr. Jens Rohde is a tempting choice, as he will be the (self-proclaimed) defender of the Danish people in the EP.
Of course, in this regard you also have to consider Morten Messerschmidt, who under the slogan "We want Denmark back", will bring all of it back to our proud little nation.

If Messrs. Rohde and Messerschmidt are too extreme for you, but you still want someone that at least says what you want to hear as a Dane, you may want to consider Mr. Benjamin Dickow from Liberal Alliance; on the one hand he wants Denmark to remain its own, and on the other he will want to liberalise health services and cut taxes. If you want inconsistency, vote for Mr. Dickow.
Another ultra-liberal candidate is Ms. Charlotte Antonsen from Venstre, who views the right to use a prostitute as a human right, and thus you can be sure that you can count on her if anyone in the EP is threatening you urge for a hand-job.

Finally, if you really don't have an idea about any issue, but you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, why don't you just vote of a candidate who is running his campaign to appeal to people like you?
Morten Løkkegaard from Venstre would here be a a perfect choice; a former TV presenter who looks good on TV and has hardly participated in the debate with anything of any content.

There are so many candidates, I am certain all tastes can be satisfied! Just remember to vote!

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