Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekly Update on the EP Elections Part III

-The elections are running into the final 10 days of campaigning: the media has taken up the elections with some good debates and information pages on the web. However, now the lack of interest is being blamed on the great weather in Denmark. Are even the gods of weather against this election?

-In this last attempt to draw attention from voters, a group of Danish candidates have pushed for Danish MEP (and former Prime Minister) Poul Nyrup Rasmussen to run as President of the Commission. If Turkey is the irrelevant subject of the Conservatives, this runs the risk of becoming the irrelevant subject of SF and the Social Democrats.

-Some candidates in Denmark have proposed to penalize men who purchase the services of a slave-prostitute. The candidate from Venstre, Charlotte Antonsen, has refused to do this, as she finds that it is not possible to distinguish between prostitutes for the customer, like it would be if you buy stolen goods: "Man ved godt, at hvis man får et meget dyrt B&O-anlæg billigt i en baggård, så er det nok stjålet."

-A very humane approach, Ms. Antonsen.

-Ms. Antonsen may in fact get elected as she is listed top on Venstre's alphabetic list, because her name starts with A. Anne E. Jensen, an experienced MEP, may not get elected as she is 8th on the same list. Whoever said people are uninterested in politics?

-In one of the first TV debates between top candidates on DR, Benjamin Dickow in his presentation stated that getting to the EP would be extremely interesting for him. I think we should all consider whether we will vote for a man to promote his own interests. That is not extremely interesting for me...

-At a debate in Berlingske tidende between Bendt Bendtsen and Morten Messerschmidt agree on most things, so since they will both apparently get elected, they can get to hang out in Brussels and Strasbourg playing golf over the next few years.

-Turkey-fixation of the Week: Hans Gert Pöttering

-Candidate of the Week I would like to hear sing a song: Emilie Turunen from SF, "Fame"

-Candidate I would have a beer of the week with: Lotte Roed from Radikale Venstre and "Ung Kuld"

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