Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly Update on the EP Elections Part II

-I was in Sweden this week, and when asking a candidate campaigning for the Green Party in Gothenburg, she said that in Sweden they were not expecting more than 50% of people to vote. Just like everywhere in EU, the interest for the things that are relevant seem to be low in Sweden.

-The Swedish "Pirate Party" seems to be sure to get into the European Parliament, arguing for the free right to copy and distribute music, software, films... It seems that their base is among young voters.

-At least these youngsters show interest in the elections, something that they don't seem to have in Denmark.

-The Danish Prime Minister from Venstre, Mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen has been forced to come out to say that Venstre is still a party that has high regards for the European project. This came as Jens Rohde from Venstre is increasingly becoming a champion of EU scepticism, to such a degree that Hanne Dahl, from the EU-sceptic Junibevægelsen, has accused Mr. Rohde of stealing their voters.

-With so few votes going around I guess theft is a problem.

-Danish EU-scepticism is being led by populism: Mr. Benjamin Dickow from Liberal Alliance appears a combination between a Dansk Folkeparti-member (but badly dressed) and Margaret Thatcher.

-I guess it is hard to get attention in the populist rhetoric, so Britta Thomsen from Socialdemokratiet, who has had little attention at all, has tried getting some attention by saying that there should be free internet for everyone in the EU.

-No connection has been made to the Pirate Party.

-And amid elections, nobody thinks of the European Commission: Mr. Manuel Barroso has complained that MEP's should stop taking all the credit for all the good things in the EU.

-Turkey-fixation of the Week: Karsten Skawbo-Jensen, Conservative party.

-Song of the week I would like to hear a candidate sing: Morten Messerschmidt, "Gi' mig Danmark tilbage" (Natasja).

-Candidate I would most like to have a beer with this week: Michael Christensen from the Conservatives.

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